3 Crystal Mini Abundance Bundle

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💰 Mini Abundance Bundle 
💰 Great for anyone looking to add more money, balance, and protection to their everyday life.
💰 Each bundle comes with an organza bag, ready to be placed in your car, purse, backpack, or your home!
💰 Whenever you need a little boost, reach for this mini bundle to help you get into a more abundant mindset.

💰 This bundle is made of three mini stones: Pyrite, Fluorite, and Black Tourmaline. 
  • Pyrite - “The Fools Gold”, a symbol of wealth and good luck, abundance, motivates you, helps you reconnect with nature, help you harness your inner power, guides you to spirit, welcomes wisdom, achieve your dreams and aspirations, divine guidance
  • Rainbow Fluorite - “The Keeper”, highly protective, stabilizing stone, useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy, increases intuitive abilities, links human minds to consciousness, increases spiritual connection, mental stability, concentration, brings balance
  • Black Tourmaline - “The Energy Bouncer” gets rid of negative energy, protection, helps anxiety, helps you feel safe, spiritually healing, helps those feeling lost, motivating, brings joy, reconnection, cleansing, energy clearing, invites positive energy, purifying

Grade A Crystals⚡️

This listing is for three small pieces. Each crystal is unique and hand-picked, therefore actual crystal can vary from the pictures.



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