8 Chakra Crystal Bundle

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8 Chakra Crystal Bundle

💎 Meditate with these 8 Crystals to align your chakras while amplifying the good energy within you.

💎 Made with love, light, and positive energy, cleansed before we ship out to you. 

8 Chakra Crystals consist of: (1) Clear Quartz, (1) Red Jasper, (1) Carnelian Agate, (1) Tigers Eye, (1) Amazonite, (1) Sodalite, (1) Amethyst, and (1) Rose Quartz

  • Clear Quartz - “The Clarity”, helps you meet goals, clarity, manifestation, amplification, helps decision making, clairvoyance, generosity, high vibration, helps you align with your higher self, clears mind body & spirit, helps achieve goals, eliminates distractions
  • Red Jasper - “Stone of Endurance and Nurturing” useful for grounding and harmonizing spiritual energy, root chakra, bring balance, stamina, courage, inner strength, supreme nurturing stone, healing properties, protective, healing stone, balances emotions
  • Carnelian Agate - “The Artist”, sexual energy, creativity, self-love, fertility, feminine energy, alchemy stone, prevents sickness, the longevity of life, empowering, self-confidence, passion connected to the sacral chakra, root chakra, and solar plexus
  • Tigers Eye - “The Shape Shifter”, encourages you to live boldly, fiercely, and bravely, boosts your courage, balances toxic emotions, solar plexus chakra, third eye chakra, confidence boost, motivating, great for manifestations, helps ward evil eye, good luck 
  • Amazonite - “The Playmate”, honesty, comforting, removing fear, freedom, emotional expression, boundaries, self-discipline, hope stone, encouraging, stress relief, helps release emotions, opens communication, throat chakra, heart chakra, optimism
  • Sodalite - “The Harmonizer”,  throat and third eye chakra, soothing and calming energy, healing, enhances spiritual growth, strengthens self-expression, taps into intuition, great for meditation to clear energy, wisdom, allows you to communicate from your heart
  • Amethyst - “The Intuitive Eye”, healing, neutralizes bad energy, attacks good luck, intuition, abundance, spiritual connection, third eye chakra, transformative, cleanses toxins, peace, divine protection, balance, calmness, meditative, emotional intelligence
  • Rose Quartz - “The Love Stone”, heart chakra, opens and heals your heart center, guides you to deepen relationships, embrace kindness, compassion, tenderness, self-love, passion, happiness, attracts unconditional love, high frequency, healing, transformative

Grade A Crystals⚡️

This listing is for eight crystal pieces. Each crystal is unique and hand-picked, therefore actual crystal can vary from the pictures.

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