Self Care Deluxe Bundle 🕯️

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🕯️ Each bundle includes: (1) Rainbow Sage, (8) Chakra Crystals, and (1) Lunar Lavender Tub Tea

🕯️ 8 Chakra Crystals consist of: (1) Clear Quartz, (1) Red Jasper, (1) Carnelian Agate, (1) Tigers Eye, (1) Amazonite, (1) Sodalite, (1) Amethyst, and (1) Rose Quartz

🕯️ Rainbow Sage: 5 in Bundle

🕯️ Lunar Lavender Tub Tea: Handmade with love, with a perfect blend of Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Organic Dried Rose Petals, Organic Dried Lavender, and Lavender Essential Oil

🕯️ Soak up the benefits of natural minerals, organic wildflowers, essential oil, and herbs in your bath without the mess!

🕯️ Each unique blend makes a great gift, or a special treat for yourself! Sit back, throw your tub tea in the bath and relax.

🕯️ Each bundle has been cleansed and blessed for the best relaxing feeling

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🕯️ Please note - all tub teas come with lavender oil, if you do not oil please leave us a message at checkout!

(Tub not included)

Namaste ❤️

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