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Take a look and see which one you are most attracted to before looking at the meanings!

Tarot Card Meanings:

🃏 Death - Unlikely that this card actually represents a physical death. Typically it implies an end, possibly of a relationship or interest, and therefore implies an increased sense of self-awareness.

🃏 The Devil - It depicts being tempted by the physical world and physical pleasures. Also living in terror, domination, and bondage, being caged by an overabundance of luxury, discretion should be used in personal and business matters.

🃏 The Emperor - This card is suggestive of stability and security in life. You are on top of things and everything is under your control. It is your hard work, discipline, and self-control that have bought you this far. It means that you are in charge of your life now setting up your own rules and boundaries.

🃏 The Empress - The Empress is traditionally associated with maternal influence, it is the card if you are hoping to start a family. She can represent the creation of life, romance, art, or new business.

🃏 The Hermit - The Hermit suggests that you are in a phase of introspection where you are drawing your attention inwards and looking for answers within. You are in need of a period of inner reflection, away from the current demands of your position.

🃏 The High Priestess - High Priestess is a card of mystery, stillness, and passivity. This card suggests that it is time to retreat and reflect upon the situation and trust your inner instincts to guide you through it. Things around you are not what they appear to be right now.

🃏 The Judgment - This card is referred to as a time of resurrection and awakening, a time when a period of our life comes to an absolute end making way for dynamic new beginnings.

🃏 The Moon - The Moon is a card of illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be. Perhaps a misunderstanding on your part, or a truth you cannot admit to yourself.

🃏 The Star - When the Star card appears, you are likely to find yourself feeling inspired. It brings renewed hope and faith and a sense that you are truly blessed by the universe at this time.

🃏 The Sun - The card portends good fortune, happiness, joy, and harmony. It represents the universe coming together and agreeing with your path and aiding forward movement into something greater.

🃏 Strength - Strength predicts the triumphant conclusion to a major life problem, situation, or temptation through the strength of character. It is a very happy card if you are fighting illness or recovering from injury.

🃏 Temperance - This card indicates that you should learn to bring about balance, patience, and moderation in your life. You should take the middle road, avoid extremes, and maintain a sense of calm.

🃏 The Tower - The Tower is commonly interpreted as meaning danger, crisis, destruction, and liberation. It is associated with sudden unforeseen change.

🃏 The Wheel of Fortune - A common aspect to most interpretations of this card within reading is to introduce an element of change in the querent's life, such change being in station, position or fortune: such as the rich becoming poor, or the poor becoming rich.

🃏 The World - The World represents an ending to a cycle of life, a pause in life before the next big cycle beginning with the fool. It is an indicator of a major and inexorable change, of tectonic breadth.

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