Mystery Upcycled T-Shirt

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How it works:

🖖🏼 Select your size and we will send you a mystery upcycled t-shirt!

🖖🏼 Each t-shirt will be: hand-dyed with bleach or tie-dye ink or have a new graphic design.

🖖🏼 Each is 1 of 1

🖖🏼 All items are upcycled and subject to wear and tear⚡️

Why buy upcycled?

Choose that unique style you won’t find on the high street. Choose circular fashion over fast fashion, and reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the world.

Our promise:

All our website items are hand-selected for their quality and style. We only select the best vintage items for, removing all torn or marked items from the system; any errors at all will be photographed and detailed in the description.

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