Lapiz Bullet Pendant 🔷

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Lapis Bullet Pendant

You may benefit from Lapis Lazuli crystals if you can relate to any of the following: You want to accomplish a sense of overall peace. You love meditation, mindfulness, and spirituality. You understand the power of the Universe for your manifestations. You are drawn to a royal blue color. You are mesmerized by the twilight sky. You seek to balance your Third Eye and Throat chakras. You need to increase your trust in yourself. You want to be the peaceful eye in the center of a storm. You enjoy looking into your past lives. As you read, Lapis Lazuli is all about spirituality and the Third Eye chakra. It is also a stone of protection when you are working in these realms. The Pyrite within Lapis boosts this peaceful stone with a protective shield.

CHAKRA: Throat & third eye 🙊🧿

⚡️Grade A Crystal⚡️

💫 Includes black lanyard 💫

Each crystal is unique and hand picked, therefore actual crystal can vary from the pictures. 

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