Aromatherapy Therapeutic Essential Oils 🪔

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🪔 These oils are award-winning therapeutic-grade oils that are used in the world’s best salons and spas.

🪔 Using a cold press extraction and distillation to create 100% pure essential oils you'll notice the quality right away.

🪔 To achieve the best oils local farmers are used to produce organically raised wild harvests. It takes longer to go this route but is better for the environment and creates a state-of-the-art essential oil that is 100% pure.

🪔 Each 10ml bottle includes nothing but the extract of harvested wild plants. The whole leaf stalk and root of the harvested plants are all used. By purely harvesting the plants and then using state-of-the-art extraction methods the integrity of the essential oils is always maintained.

🪔 The oil is then bottled in our signature amber bottles to eliminate the degrading effects of sunlight. Don't let this amazing product with this amazing deal pass you by!

🪔 Set Contents: Pure Essential Tea Tree Oil,  Pure Essential Lavender Oil,  Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil,  Pure Essential Lemongrass Oil,  Pure Essential Peppermint Oil, & Pure Essential Orange Oil.

🪔 How to Use It: The essential oils can be drizzled into soothing baths or placed in a diffuser If rubbed directly on the skin dilute with water or base oil to ensure safe contact

🪔 Specifications: 10 ml each Made from aromatic essences of plants 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil. 

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